Home preparation prior to showing - Checklist

Here is a checklist to review before you show your home. First impressions are probably more important in selling your house than anything else except the price. So when you put your house on the market, make sure it looks its best! Look at your house as if you were a prospective buyer. The items listed below are a sure way to take inventory of specific items that leave lasting impressions with potential buyers. Pretend you are seeing your home for the first time and try to notice both its highlights and its drawbacks. Then, start sprucing up in order to emphasize and add to the highlights. This is often easier said than done and you may overlook something unless you work systematically. Our checklist will help you! As you'll see, it includes almost every detail that can make your property look better. This will help your Broker sell your home at the best price as quickly as possible! Proceed critically down the list. Check off the items that apply to your house. If an expense is required, ask your Realtor's advice to help you decide whether the expenditure is worth the investment. Exterior: 1. How is the condition of the exterior and interior paint? 2. Paint front door & mailbox. 3. Repair or replace storm door. 4. Doorknobs polished and working properly? 5. Any doors that “stick” when opening? 6. Stucco or Siding free of cracks / Siding needing to be washed? 7. Bricks firmly in place? 8. Front entry clean (including entry rugs)? 9. Doorbell in good condition? 10. Gutters & downspouts clean? 11. Roof in good repair? 12. Windows cleaned, caulked and working properly? 13. Window screens and storm windows in good condition? 14. Exterior lights working? 15. Fence paint attractive, need repainting? 16. Repair steps and porch. 17. Clean porch light and post lamp. 18. Shovel sidewalks and driveway (winter months). 19. Sidewalks repaired, free of clutter, toys, etc.? 20. Trash cans out of sight? 21. Lawn green, mowed and trimmed? (seasonal) 22. Trees and shrubs trimmed? (seasonal) 23. Flower beds need sprucing up? (seasonal) 24. Arrange porch & patio furniture as attractively as possible. 25. Remove yard debris & junk cars. 26. Garage clean and clutter removed? 27. Workbench free of tools, etc.? 28. Garage door working properly? 29. Does garage need a fresh coat of paint? 30. Driveway cleared of vehicles? 31. Auto stains in driveway? 32. Pool and spa clean and in good condition? 33. Pool equipment working properly? Interior 34. Paint where necessary. 35. Clean and fix windows. 36. Clean polish floors. 37. Replace burned out light bulbs 38. Make sure door and windows are operating freely 39. arrange shades and drapes to give maximum light 40. Fix light switches 41. Repair cracks in walls or ceilings 42. Fix faucet drips 43. Clean fireplace and lay logs for fire 44. Straighten all closets 45. Vacuum and shampoo rugs 46. Keep coat closet clean, door closed 47. Turn on all lights (even during the day) 48. Place fresh flowers throughout the house 49. Turn off the TV and play the stereo softly in the background Entry 50. Paint front door and clean storm door 51. Add new hardware if damaged 52. Replace house numbers if needed Kitchen: 53. Ceiling and walls clean? 54. Flooring in good condition? 55. Sink clean and in good repair? 56. Faucet leaky? 57. Countertops in good condition and uncluttered? 58. Oven clean? 59. Stovetop has fresh drip pans? 60. Appliances in good condition? 61. Pantry neat and organized? 62. Paper lining in drawers neat looking? 63. Store appliances out of sight that you can 64. Use simmering potpourri (for Open House or Showing home, not too strong) Living Room/Den 65. Plump up cushions. 66. Neatly stack newspapers and magazines 67. Dust and tidy up Great Room / Family Room: 68. Paint on ceilings and walls in good condition? 69. Flooring in good condition? 70. Window treatments (draperies, etc.) freshly done? 71. Room cluttered? 72. Too much furniture? 73. Fireplace clean with wood stacked neatly? Dining Room: 74. Paint on walls and ceiling in good condition? 75. Too much furniture in room? 76. Flooring in good condition? 77. Draperies freshly done? 78. Light fixtures clean and shiny? 79. Room uncluttered? 80. Polish furniture Bath/Powder Room 81. Put out fresh towels 82. Fixtures, tub, toilet clean and stain free. 83. Replace toilet seat. 84. Clean shower curtain 85. Use an air freshener Bedrooms 86. Make beds. 87. Clean and organize closets. 88. Use most attractive bedspread and curtains. Laundry Room: 89. Washer and dryer neat and free of dust? 90. Floor clean? 91. Light working properly? Basement: 92. Make sure all lights work. 93. Use dehumidifier if necessary. 94. Clean and organize. Heating And Cooling Systems: 95. Furnace and air conditioning in good condition? 96. Furnace and air filters replaced? 97. Hot water heater clean? Bedrooms: 98. Paint in good repair? 99. Draperies fresh? 100. Light fixtures make the room appear bright and airy? 101. Flooring clean and in good repair? 102. All door hardware in good condition? 103. Excess furniture removed? 104. Closets neat and clean?

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