Homes That Show Well - Sell

Here are four things you can do that will ensure a positive reflection on and for your home. 1. Fix driveways. 2. Manicure front lawn. 3. Paint the front of your home. 4. Repaint or replace Front Door. Our effort here is to get as many of the lookers to actually stop, park and come in to see the rest of your home. I suggest you take a moment and consider how your home looks, from a “Buying” perspective. Cover each of the four points above and if your home is already in “Good Shape” then think about what you could do for example, in your yard to spruce things up a little, maybe some new flowers. At the very least even homes that have been lived in for almost a year could use a cleaning. You know how things can pile up in obscure corners of your home or lot. Here are some additional pointers for preparing your home: 1. Remove furniture. What you think as being cozy is more than likely NOT what the buyer will think. This is also a great opportunity. By removing furniture from your home (leaving the bare essentials in each room) you are creating an atmosphere for the buyer to imagine their furniture placed here and there. 2. Remove the majority of your nick knacks. I know some people that have an allergic reaction to empty space on the wall. If this fits you, remove as much as you can and then invite a friend over to help you with the rest. Leaving some decor on the walls is fine, but remember this is not about you, your family or life. It is about your prospective buyer seeing their things on the walls. If you have nail holes in the walls spackle over them. 3. Depending on the wear of certain areas of your home you may decide to shampoo the carpet vs replace. Spot paint vs painting the entire room. The venture of selling your home takes consideration, effort and sometimes a little money. If your home shows well your investment in time and money will be well worth it. It is important for you to also understand that the longer your property is on the market the more likely it will be that you will end up reducing your sales price for an eventual sale. To help avoid this circumstance invite us to provide you with constructive criticism. We have your best interest at heart. So when it comes to preparing your home for the sales and marketing process we know what works and what buyers generally want.

Jan.26,06 8:55 AM

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